We believe children are a gift from God! Our goal is for children at Berachah to surpass the former generation in their love of God, in their devotion to His Word, and in their zeal to evangelize His world. To that end, we assist parents in stirring the hearts of their children to the things of God in a joyful, Bible-saturated environment.


Our caregivers lead children (infants-3 years) in age-appropriate activities and exposure to God's Word through story, song, and memorization.

Nursery care is available during ...

    • Sunday Worship Service
    • Sunday School
    • Ladies' Weekday Bible Study (including kindergarteners & homeschoolers)
    • Some special events


We seek to point point our young students to find their joy in Jesus, to love God's Word, and to connect deeply with the local church.


    • Sunday School (Sundays from 11:30am-12:30pm)
      • K - 3rd Grade: The God Who Loves (Jan 14 - April 7)
      • 4th - 6th Grade: The Gospel of Mark